Take the stage and experience Soliloquy in the most immersive way possible

Join a multi-award-winning musician and renowned dancer/choreographer in performance.

29 Nov, 2023    Sydney Festival


Soliloquy is a unique and transformative festival experience – and we’d love for you to be a part of it this January.

We're calling for 32 curious, arts-loving folks to take the stage as volunteer participants alongside a virtuoso musician and a multi-award-winning dancer/choreographer.

Soliloquy totally subverts the hierarchy of a traditional concert music presentation. Untrained dance participants (you, perhaps?) will join recorder virtuoso Genevieve Lacey and multi-award-winning contemporary dancer and choreographer Stephanie Lake (Manifesto, Sydney Festival 2023) at City Recital Hall – directed by acclaimed choreographer and director Gideon Obarzanek

While Lacey performs Telemann’s extraordinary Twelve Fantasias for Solo Flute, volunteer participants will create a hypnotic performance around her. Given simple directions, dancers will function as a listening chorus embodying the state of the audience, as well as a group of participants weaving textures alluding to the patterns of the music.   

Soliloquy is a captivating recital that you get to play a part in. Immerse yourself in sublime music and masterful dance this January – a once-in-a-lifetime experience for willing participants!”
– Festival Director Olivia Ansell

You’ll be guided by a multi-award-winning Australian choreographer and other leading professionals in the industry, and meet other lovely volunteers. Join your partner, parents, family and friends – or take the plunge and go solo. 

Scroll on to read the glowing reviews from participants in Soliloquy at Melbourne Recital Centre in 2018. (Some loved it so much they’re keen to return for round two in Sydney...)

Sydney Festival and the Soliloquy team express our deep gratitude to anyone wishing to come on board as volunteer participants. We hope to share this moment with you.  

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Participant information: the nitty gritty

This is an invitation to apply to be involved in Soliloquy, presented by Sydney Festival. 

Performance date: 17 January 2024 

Venue: City Recital Hall, 2 Angel Place, Sydney 

Age requirement: 18+ 

Volunteer participants from across the country are welcome.

Time commitments: 

  • 2x 30 minute Zoom call. A recording of the Zoom call will be available if you are unable to attend. 
  • Wednesday 17 January – 3pm-10pm

Watch a short video to see what's involved

Rave reviews from previous participants

People who took part in Soliloquy at Melbourne Recital Centre in 2018 adored it: 

“Last night was stunning! A spiritual and hypnotic experience. It called on everything in you. Perhaps it was liberating too? I LOVED it.”

“The section where we had to lie down and listen was incredible. On all three occasions, when practiced and preformed, I found myself lifted above.”

“I thought it was a beautifully poignant and meditative work, the choreography was truly magical which together with Genevieve’s extraordinary interpretation of the Telemann Fantasias, was a work that I am sure you are both extremely proud of. “

“It was such a beautiful piece. I absolutely loved the flow of verbal and physical information – all those whispers, and then the response via music and movement.”

“What an amazing way to present those tiny baroque masterpieces. You managed to preserve the beauty and intimacy of them but at the same time evoking something of the scale of opera or ballet! I was very taken by the whole experience.” 


Is dance experience necessary? 

No dance experience is necessary to participate.

What is the time commitment? 

Must be available on the 17 January 2024 to learn and perform in Soliloquy.

Tentative schedule is arrival at City Recital Hall on 17 January at 3pm for a 15-minute venue induction, and 60-minute run rehearsal of the performance.

Will I be paid?

This is a volunteer opportunity, and as such, no fees will be paid. 

What will I need to prepare in advance?

  • Attend a Zoom meeting with Gideon Obarzanek (director/choreographer), Genevieve Lacey (musician) and Stephanie Lake (contemporary dancer). A recording of the call will be available if you are unable to attend. 
  • Follow some simple written instructions (prepared by Gideon Obarzanek, that will be provided before the meeting and referred to on rehearsal and performance days).
  • Watch the video provided.
  • Rehearse in the venue and perform in the venue on 17 January 2024.

Do I need to bring food to eat between rehearsal and performance?

Sydney Festival will provide tea, coffee and water backstage and will provide each volunteer participant with catering.

Where can I learn more about Soliloquy

Dive into the show page on our website.  




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