January 16 at 7.30pm
Duration 90mins
A Reserve $70/$65
B Reserve $60/$55
Access Wheelchair Access Hearing 
All tix on sale Oct 29
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Sydney Festival
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Around Robert Wyatt

France’s national jazz orchestra pays homage to the venerable sage of British art rock, Robert Wyatt, with a live rendition of the acclaimed 2009 album, Around Robert Wyatt.

Wyatt’s music is possessed of a spellbinding melancholy, yet is avowedly humanistic and politically charged. For its Australian premiere, the Grammy-nominated 10-piece ensemble explores the subtleties of Wyatt’s intriguing songbook with joyous music that defies genre definitions, including renditions of ‘Shipbuilding’, ‘PLA’, and ‘Alifib’ from 1974’s masterful Rock Bottom. Filmmaker Antoine Carlier completes the performance with projections that act as a po-etic backdrop to this orchestral journey.

“A gorgeous piece of exquisitely orchestrated pop music, a modern variant of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds” All About Jazz

Download the Orchestre National de Jazz here.

Photo: Annabelle Tiaffay


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