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Bright Club No.3

Wednesday 25 January at 11.30pm
over 18s venue from 5pm
1hr 15mins
On sale Nov 9
Sold Out
Past Event
Event Added

Academics turn to standup comedy in this bold Festival event that lends some of Sydney's finest minds to the city's comedy circuit.  Hosted by James O'Loghlin, Bright Club is truly the thinking person's variety night out.

In the late-night slot at The Famous Spiegeltent, Bright Club presents a thoughtful line-up of lecturers, researchers and PhD-types from the University of Sydney, all inviting the audience to laugh along with them as they mine their area of specialty for comic potential, presented onstage as an eight-minute stand-up routine. Be kind to them, they're new to all this!

Thankfully, our would-be comics will be well supported by experienced comedian O'Loghlin, before being unleashed on the Bright Club stage, alongside some live music and a performance by Rosa the Russian Beautician to round things off.

Bright Club is raw and affordable comedy, the perfect way to round out a Wednesday night while nourishing the mind.

Tonight's theme: EARTH, SEA, SKY

Host: James O'Loghlin
O'Loghlin is one of Australia's leading comedians and media personalities.  He hosted The New Inventors on ABC TV (2004-11) and The Evening Show on ABC Local Radio (2002 to 2006).  O'Loghlin began doing stand-up comedy in 1990 and has performed thousands of times around Australia.  He has been a regular guest on virtually every national television program that has guests who think they are funny and/or clever on it, from Good News Week and Rove Live to Sunrise and Lateline.

O'Loghlin speaks regularly on creativity and innovation, teaches and coaches public speaking, and is author of Umm...a Complete Guide to Public Speaking.

David Cunningham: Department of History (Maritime History)

David Cunningham has been collecting degrees at the University of Sydney for eight years. After completing honours in arts and law, he is currently giving every appearance of pursuing a Phd in history on late 17th British naval officers sitting in parliament.

Neil McCann: Faculty of Architecture
Leading animator and designer Neil McCann is part of the creative team in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning's Design Lab. Neil's teaching, research and creative practices span the range of disciplines from interaction design and electronic arts to computer science and technology and the social sciences.

Alex McBratney: Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Alex McBratney is a professor of Soil Science in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Sydney, and director of the Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture.

Susan Banki: Department of Sociology and Social Policy
Susan Banki teaches Human Rights at the University of Sydney in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy. Her research focuses on refugees as political activists. On this subject she has done field work in Thailand, Burma, Nepal, Bangladesh, Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. And right here in Australia. Her current research project works to develop a typology of refugee activism, which is a fancy way of saying that Susan is going to make a list. Dr. Banki is a stickler for grammar and considers it her personal life mission to educate her students on the difference between "that" and "which."

Cabaret Performer: Rosa the Russian Beautician
Rosa is the most highly sought after beauty therapist on the planet.  Most of the world's most successful romances and business transactions can be attributed to her handiwork.  Rosa Waxofski specialises in bikini waxing, colouration and the back sack crack and shaft wax. After the devastating break down of her marriage in Russia she moved to Australia, where she is now fondly known as 'the people's beautician.'   She is slowly changing the world one bikini wax at a time.

"This fierce, crazy, sexy, all singing, advice-dispensing eyebrow-shaping and full-body depilation expert is a force to be reckoned with" -
The Age

Bright Club was originally created by UCL, London's Global University

Find out more about Bright Club on January 11 and January 18.

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