January 8-11 8.30pm
Duration 60mins
York Theatre
, Chippendale
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All tix on sale Oct 29
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World Premiere
Sabab Theatre Kuwait (UK)
Writer and director Sulayman Al-Bassam

Created by celebrated Kuwaiti writer/director Sulayman Al-Bassam, In the Eruptive Mode responds with rawness and immediacy to the promised hope of the Arab Spring and to the seismic shifts changing the face of today’s Middle East.

A series of eight short scenes explore the themes of state violence and individual freedom in the modern Arab world. This production reveals the survival tactics, hopes and desires of individuals caught up in the convulsions of change.

These keenly observed life affirming monologues embrace the challenges of renewal and for Al-Bassam, invite the possibility of a new dramatic genre: contemporary Arab tragedy.

Photo: Laurie Bost

SponsorsUniversity of SydneyKuwait FoundationKuwait Arts CouncilSciencesPo.Australian GovernmentCouncil For Arab Relations

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