January 11 - 17
Installation open:
Jan 11-13 - 10am-4pm
Jan 14-17 - 10am-6pm

Musical performances:
January 11 at 7pm & 9pm
January 12, 13 at 6.30pm & 8pm
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Jon Rose (Australia)

The sight of a rusting car wreck is as potent an image of the Australian outback as a lone skeletal tree springing out of desert sands.

Winner of the 2012 Don Banks Award for his contribution to Australian music, composer/artist Jon Rose has transformed a decaying vehicle from the mining town of White Cliffs into a unique and quirky multimedia experience.

Joined by innovative sound artists Claire Edwardes and Erkki Veltheim, Rose literally ‘plays’ the car, as both musical instrument and transmitter. The work amplifies the pounding metallic rhythms, rattles and hums and creaking sounds of this once-stranded wreck in a dynamic and, at times, deafening installation/performance of sonic vibrations, musical intensity and video comprising 100 outback car wrecks.

Bring your earplugs. 

“Jon Rose is probably the most controversial figure involved in serious music in this country.  A tremendous musician” Sydney Morning Herald

Presented by Sydney Festival and Performance Space

Image by Colin Somerset  

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