January 22-25 at 8pm
Duration 1hour 20mins
York Theatre
, Chippendale
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Access Wheelchair 
All tix on sale Oct 29
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Australian Premiere
Royal Shakespeare Company (UK)

Shakespeare's The Rape of Lucrece is a politically-charged, sexually provocative and violent thriller. Internationally acclaimed performer Camille O'Sullivan brings this rarely performed tragedy to life through story-telling and song.

With original music played live by Feargal Murray on piano, O'Sullivan inhabits the souls of both Tarquin and Lucrece. While narrating their fates, she delivers an astonishing range of human experience contained in this dark tale that is as beautiful as it is monstrous.

A recent hit at Edinburgh International Festival, Elizabeth Freestone directs this Royal Shakespeare Company production, a seamless and powerful blend of music and verse.

"O'Sullivan is a superb performer and great singer...the star is her singing voice"
The Guardian

Adapted by Elizabeth Freestone, Feargal Murray and Camille O'Sullivan
Music composed by Feargal Murray and Camille O'Sullivan 
Performed and sung by Camille O'Sullivan
Directed by Elizabeth Freestone

Download The Rape of Lucrece daybill here.

Photo: Ellie Kurttz


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