January 20 at 7pm
Over 18's venue only
Duration 1hour 15mins
$30 General Admission
Access Wheelchair 
All tix on sale Oct 29
Past Event
Event Added

Midnight Muses

Around midnight, the world is vulnerable, and troubled minds find clarity in the dark. Musicians often meet characters who open up over a few drinks to keep the daylight at bay.

Midnight Muses is a collection of songs, music and stories arranged by singer/songwriter Leah Flanagan and inspired by poet Sam Wagan Watson’s award-winning work Smoke Encrypted Whispers.

Backed by a five-piece band, Flanagan’s warm, expressive voice gives life to the characters found late at night who share tales of lost love, sporting glory and hope for the future in a captivating performance of words and music.

“Flanagan delivers these stories with such sweet and emotive music that (it’s) hard not to feel a great connection” 

Photo: Tajette O’Halloran



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