January 17 at 7pm
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Whatever happened to “waste not, want not”?
A sustainable future through eating well, reducing food waste and maximising resources.

The cost of food waste in Australia extends beyond the financial. How does our food get from paddock to plate? We look at the journey from producer to retailer to consumer, and then delve into what gets left behind.

In association with the Australian beef and lamb industries Target 100 program and NSW Environment Protection Authority’s Love Food Hate Waste initiative, Sydney Festival brings the food waste discussion to the fore.

Join us as sustainability campaigners, food producers and health writers explore the environmental, social, ethical and economic costs of food waste in Australia. Our panel members also discuss management of waste at live events.

Hosted by journalist, TV presenter, blogger and health coach Sarah Wilson, this forum provides insight into the time, effort, and resources that go into our food, and identifies some of the key issues and concerns surrounding what we eat... and what we don't.

Sarah Wilson will be joined by panellists:
Georgie Somerset, an Australian beef producer
Natalie Isaacs, the Founder and CEO of 1 Million Women
Jane Fullerton Smith, Managing Director of Greenshoot Pacific
Professor John CrawfordProfessor of Sustainability and Complex Systems in the Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney

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John Crawford 
Chair of Sustainability and Complex Systems in Agriculture, University of Sydney

John Crawford is the inaugural Judith and David Coffey Chair in Sustainability and Complex Systems at the University of Sydney’s new Charles Perkins Centre, where he leads the program integrating environment, societal health and the social, cultural and economic dimensions of the food system. John has a background in theoretical physics and studies the emergence of organisation in living systems, particularly the origins and resilience of the natural fertility of soil. In the UK he chaired the body responsible for funding research in Agriculture, Food and Nutrition and since coming to Australia, he has served on the Ministerial Working Group on Soils, Water and Food and is a Director of Outcome Australia’s Soils for Life Program.

Jane Fullerton Smith
Managing Director, Greenshoot Pacific

Jane has spent more than twenty years in the entertainment business; dance, events, film, television and theatre and first investigated sustainability in entertainment in 2007. Jane is the creator of the SEMS Tool – the online Sustainable Entertainment Management System which has been released globally and aligned to comply with International Standards and reporting protocols to include ISO 20121. In 2009 Jane assisted in the launch of the Sustainable Event Alliance so as to support practitioners interested in sustainable event management. Jane represented Australia on the international delegation for development of ISO 20121. Jane is an accomplished public speaker and workshop facilitator, and has addressed a large number of national and international forums.

Natalie Isaacs 
Founder and CEO, 1 Million Women

Natalie ran her own skin and body-care business, when in 2006 she saw an urgent need to utilize her skills and passion as a business woman and communicator to take real and significant action on climate change.  In 2009 she created the 1 Million Women campaign. The 1 Million Women Campaign harnesses the transformative power of women to drive practical action on climate change through saving energy, cutting waste and pollution and living sustainably. The campaign aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 1 million tonnes with the help of 1 million women.

Georgie Somerset
Australian beef producer

Georgie Somerset is a fifth generation Australian beef farmer with a family business of five farms in southern Queensland. For the past 20 years, Georgie has been involved in community and industry activities, including the managing a branded beef range, training for other farmers, publicity for the local picnic race and advocating for rural women.

The Somerset's focus is on economic, social and environmental sustainability - ensuring family members are cared for as well as the land, managing their cows so they produce calves every year, ensuring the native flora and fauna is maintained in balance with the beef production. They also plan for business diversity to ensure the business is sustained when the weather is not favourable.

Sarah Wilson 
Journalist, TV host and blogger

Sarah is a journalist, TV host and blogger with a voice across television, radio, magazines, newspapers and online. She’s the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and was the host of the first series of MasterChef Australia, the highest rating show in Australian TV history. She’s also a commentator and fill-in host on Channel 7′s Sunday Night, The Morning Show and Sunrise, and The Ten Network’s Good News Week and The Project.

Sarah is an adept social commentator, following a career in politics, health advocacy, restaurant reviewing, opinion writing and trend forecasting. She’s also a qualified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.


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